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Faulty Apartment Complex Playground Equipment Atlanta, GA
Injured Person Atlanta GA

Searching for the perfect apartment is different for everyone. Depending on your situation, the perfect apartment could mean a nice pool and outdoor area, or a fully equipped gym or business center. If you are a parent, you probably include playground equipment high on your amenities list. If your child becomes injured on apartment complex playground equipment, you may have the right to expect compensation for those injuries with a premises liability lawsuit.

The Owner’s Responsibilities

Landlords are required by law to provide save living spaces for their tenants, and this includes the outdoor spaces included in the property. If the apartment complex provides playground equipment for their tenants to use, they have the responsibility to maintain the equipment to protect from injury. This responsibility includes all outdoor recreation areas, including basketball and tennis courts. Weather can wreak havoc on wooden playground structures, leaving behind rotting wood and exposed nails. Inadequate lighting can hide potentially high-risk areas, and poorly maintained walkways can lead to falls.

Accident or Liability?

Parents know that children run the risk of injury from accidents on a daily basis, so it is important to evaluate the situation to determine if the landlord is at fault. Landlords must commit to regular maintenance checks of playground equipment, and quickly repair any broken or faulty equipment to avoid injury. If the repair will take some time to be completed, proper signage and blocking off the faulty equipment is also the responsibility of the landlord. If you observe a broken or worn piece of playground equipment, report it to your landlord immediately, and follow up to ensure the repairs are made.

Parents work diligently to protect their children from danger, and you have the expectation that your landlord will work just as hard to protect their tenants. If you believe your child has been injured on faulty playground equipment, contact Race Law Firm to schedule a consultation.

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