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Eye & Ophthalmic Surgery Claims Atlanta, GA

Protecting the delicate components of the eye is always a priority. Even a small injury can result in vision loss. Ophthalmic and eye surgeries need to be performed with exact precision to prevent any damage to the cornea, optic nerve and other elements. Plus, eye surgeons and their surgical teams must ensure the right pre-operative and post-operative care is performed. When medical errors are made, the result can be a loss of vision and diminished quality of life for the patient.

Eye surgeries are more common than ever. Millions of people undergo LASIK, cataract and other corrective eye surgeries every year. Many eye surgeons advertise that they have performed thousands of these procedures, making them sound safe and routine. However, these surgeries still involve alterations to the eye and pose a risk to vision if any errors are made. If the eye is damaged or an infection is caused by the surgery, the eye surgeon could be liable for any injuries or vision loss.

Medical Errors That Cause Eye Injuries

Surgical errors that damage the eye or cause vision loss are rare, but they do occur. In addition, routine eye care can result in injuries when medical errors are made. Ophthalmologists that reuse single-use instruments can spread infections from patient to patient. The wrong dosage or type of medication prescribed for glaucoma can be dangerous or damaging. Delaying treatment or misdiagnosing eye conditions can result in vision loss or health problems.

Eye doctors are held to the same standards as all medical professionals when it comes to medical malpractice laws. If negligence or errors cause serious injury to their patients, they can be held liable for damages. This can include compensation to pay for medical care, vision-impairment therapies/devices, income loss and pain or suffering.

If you have been the victim of a medical error while under the care of an eye doctor or surgeon, contact our legal team at Race Law Firm today to schedule a consultation to discuss your eye injury claim. We will examine your claim and offer advice on your legal options.

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