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Pituitary Tumor Surgery Claims Atlanta, GA

It is estimated that 1 in 1,000 people are affected by a pituitary tumor, or adenoma. These are slow-growing tumors that grow within the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the brain. While most pituitary adenomas are benign, they can cause health problems. They can result in hormonal imbalance and may put pressure on other areas of the brain. Surgical removal is often recommended if a pituitary tumor begins causing health issues. However, if pituitary tumors are not diagnosed early or surgical errors occur during removal, the patient could suffer serious health problems.

Failure to Diagnose Pituitary Adenoma

Pituitary adenomas are fairly common and have noticeable symptoms. Vision problems are often the first symptom, but hormonal fluctuations are also common. Pituitary tumors can be diagnosed by using blood testing, brain imaging, endocrine functional testing and visual field testing. If a pituitary adenoma is not diagnosed, progression could lead to serious outcomes, including permanent vision loss.

Injuries Caused by Surgical Errors During Tumor Removal

If it is determined that surgical removal of a pituitary tumor is the best treatment option, it is the duty of the surgeon to perform this procedure with extreme caution. The pituitary gland is located behind the sphenoid sinuses – to remove the tumor, surgery is often done through the nasal and sinus cavity. The location of the pituitary gland requires accurate and precise angles be used during the procedure to avoid impacting any of the surrounding nerves or tissues. Surgical injuries and problems may occur if errors are made including:

  • Infection or meningitis
  • Permanent vision loss
  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord damage or spinal fluid leaks
  • Carotid artery damage that causes stroke
  • Death

Even though pituitary adenomas are located at the base of the brain, an experienced surgeon should be able to perform this procedure without errors. There are risks with any surgery, but making critical mistakes are not among the accepted risks of removing a pituitary tumor.

If you have been injured due to lack of diagnosis of a pituitary tumor by your physician, or harmed from errors made during the surgical removal of a pituitary adenoma, contact Race Law Firm today. We can evaluate your case and give you advice on your legal options.

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