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Childbirth Medical Malpractice Atlanta, GA
Ultrasound Medical Malpractice

Treatment errors and negligence related to childbirth are one of the leading medical malpractice lawsuits that we see in Atlanta, Georgia.

Some injuries can’t be avoided, especially in situations of life or death, meaning that injuries caused by these scenarios may be medically appropriate. However, there are many other instances where injuries to a baby were caused by something preventable. Some examples of avoidable childbirth injuries include:

Caput Succedaneum – Swelling of a newborn’s scalp which is commonly caused by pressure being placed on the baby’s head, or from a vacuum extraction procedure.

Cephalohematoma – When blood collects between the skin and the cranial bone. This condition is typically caused by using a vacuum to remove the baby.

Erb’s Palsy (brachial plexus birth palsy) – This nerve-related injury occurs during delivery if the neck or shoulders of the baby are stretched too far.

Proving Neglect

To prove neglect, you would have to show how a similarly-skilled physician to the one you had, under the same circumstances, would have handled the situation.  If this Medical Standard of Care reflects that a better job could have definitely been done to avoid injury to the baby, then you have grounds for a lawsuit.

Medical Malpractice Attorney in Atlanta

If your child was a victim of a medical malpractice injury then call Kevin P. Race of Race Law Firm in Atlanta, Georgia. We understand that getting compensation may not fix everything but we’re hopeful that we can help provide you with some the necessary tools to recover from your tragedy.  Give us a call to schedule a consultation today. We look forward to meeting you.

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