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Overloaded Trucks Atlanta, GA

Commercial truck drivers and the companies they work for often are paid by the loads they transport. It can benefit them to carry as much as possible to increase profits. Unfortunately, overloading a large truck can be very dangerous, both to the truck driver and anyone else sharing the roadway with them. Overloaded trucks can cause hazardous situations that lead to serious injury and fatality truck accidents.

The loads carried by large trucks affect their weight and balance. When a truck is overloaded or loaded incorrectly, dangerous conditions are created. It can be more likely that a truck will have difficulty stopping or become unbalanced while maneuvering corners or lanes. This can be caused by too much weight or poor weight distribution of the load. Overloaded trucks may also be at higher risk to lose the items they are transporting, leading to falling debris on the road.

Negligence Caused by Poor Truck Loading

Safety standards need to be met when loading a large truck. Loads that are stacked too high can impact the center of balance on a truck, running the risk of rollovers or tipping on the roadway. Over-weighted trucks can be hard to control and unable to stop when needed. The truck driver is responsible for ensuring the truck is safely loaded. If the truck is overloaded or unsafe, it is a sign of driver negligence. When an accident occurs due to truck loading that causes injuries to others, the driver, their employer and any other entities involved in loading the truck could be liable for injuries.

If an overloaded truck caused an accident that injured you or a family member, you may be eligible to seek compensation for negligence. Contact Race Law Firm in Atlanta to schedule a free accident claim assessment to discuss your legal options.

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