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School Bus Accidents Atlanta, GA

School buses transport millions of children to and from school and to other activities throughout the year. School bus drivers and the school districts are trusted to provide safe transportation for their precious cargo. The good news is that school buses tend to be safer than most vehicles. They have significantly less traffic accident injuries or fatalities for children than if they are driven by a car to school. This makes it even more tragic when these unexpected school bus injury accidents occur.

When a school bus accident injures children on board, a full investigation is needed to determine who is at fault. The school bus driver, maintenance of the bus and other drivers on the road are possibly the reason for the accident. If the driver is suspected of misconduct or unsafe driving, both the driver and the school could be liable for injuries. If it is determined the accident was caused as a result of poor maintenance on the bus, the school district may be responsible.

At-Fault School Bus Drivers

School bus drivers are held to strict standards for safety. These drivers have a duty to perform their jobs with safety as their top priority. If a school bus accident occurs that injures children on the bus or others outside of the bus, the driver will be investigated to determine if they were at fault in the accident. Speeding, intoxication, not following traffic laws or other factors could implicate a driver as the at-fault party in an accident. If the driver is found at fault, both the driver and their employer could be liable for injuries.

If your child was injured in a school bus accident or you were hit by a school bus, Race Law Firm is here to help. We can assess your case and advise you on your best options to seek compensation for your family to cover injury expenses. Contact our office in Atlanta to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

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