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Fires in Apartments or Hotels Atlanta, GA

Owners of commercial buildings or businesses like apartments or hotels have a responsibility to keep their property safe. When a fire breaks out due to unsafe conditions, anyone inside the apartment building or hotel can be put in serious jeopardy. While not all fires are caused by building maintenance, if there are inadequate sprinklers, alarms or other fire prevention features, there are more likely to be injuries or deaths. If you lost a loved one or you were injured in a building fire, you may be eligible to seek compensation from the building owner.

Hotels may contain hundreds of rooms on multiple floors. When a fire occurs, it can spread quickly. Guests in hotels may not be sure of the quickest exit points or may be trapped on high floors. The same can be true for apartment buildings. Due to the amount of people and designs of these buildings, it is vital that owners maintain safe buildings and address possible fire hazards. It is also critical for these buildings to have working smoke alarms, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers to help mitigate a fire if it occurs.

Fire Premises Liability Claims

When someone is a victim of a fire in an apartment building or hotel, they may suffer many different losses. The most devastating is the loss of a loved one due to smoke inhalation or burns. Victims may also suffer serious injuries that may require hospitalization, surgeries, time lost from work and other expenses. The fire can also destroy property. When it is determined that the fire was caused by unsafe conditions in the building or could have been lessened with better fire prevention equipment, the building owner may be liable for all these types of losses and damages. Victims can seek a premises liability claim with the help of our team at Race Law.

If you were a victim injured in a fire at an apartment building or hotel, contact Race Law Firm today to discuss your legal options. We can evaluate your claim and give you advice on your best chances for obtaining compensation for your losses.

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