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Testicular Torsion Claims Atlanta, GA

Just the words “testicular torsion” can make most men cringe at the thought. Not only is this injury painful, it can have serious consequences for a man’s reproductive health. When testicular torsion occurs, it needs immediate medical attention to save the testicle. When misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis occur, a testicular torsion injury can result in the permanent loss of a testicle and impact the possibility of having children in the future.

Testicular torsion usually is caused by a traumatic injury or strain. The spermatic cord that supplies blood and oxygen to the testicle can become twisted if the testicle rotates within the sac. When this occurs, the blood supply is cut off and the testicle can be deprived of oxygen. The symptoms include pain in the affected testicle, swelling, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. It is common for testicular torsion to occur during a traumatic injury, so there could be other injuries to the body at the same time.

Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis Injuries

If testicular torsion occurs, it almost always will require surgery to untwist the spermatic cord and restore blood flow. Diagnosis is performed by an exam and an ultrasound of the testicle. However, this diagnosis must occur quickly. It only takes about six hours for permanent damage to occur. If the testicle atrophies, it may need to be removed. This can reduce the sperm production for the man by 50%, and cause a lack of confidence in their physical appearance.

When testicular torsion is overlooked or misdiagnosed by a physician, it can cause permanent injury to the patient. This is a preventable error that can impact a man’s sexual self-confidence and reproductive abilities. If this has happened to you and you want to explore seeking compensation for damages, contact Race Law Firm today. We can discuss your legal options during a free case assessment at our office in Atlanta.

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