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Distracted Driver Accidents Atlanta, GA

It only takes a few seconds of distraction for a vehicle accident to occur. Glancing down to read a text message or reaching to change the radio station can be all it takes to distract a driver’s attention. When a distracted driver causes an injury accident, it can change the life of the victim forever. If you are that victim, you have rights. Distracted drivers and their insurance companies can be liable for your injuries and may need to pay for medical care, lost income and your pain and suffering.

Distracted driving is illegal in Georgia. Most people equate this with cell phone use, which is true, but it also includes other behaviors. When a driver is no longer focusing on the road and becomes engaged in other activities, it can be labeled as distracted driving. Using the GPS system, putting on makeup and talking with others in the car, are all distractions that can take a driver’s eyes from the road. Their reaction time is greatly impaired. When distraction causes an accident, the driver should be held liable. This is especially true when the accident causes serious injuries or death.

Proving Driver Distraction

Proving a driver was distracted is not always simple. The police may not cite a person who caused an accident for distracted driving, but that does not mean there isn’t evidence that can be uncovered. Our team at Race Law Firm is composed of experienced litigators that go above and beyond to prove negligence in auto injury accident cases. We can look at phone records, talk to witnesses and use other investigative techniques. Our team will work to prove that distracted driving was a factor and the cause of our client’s injuries.

If you are suffering from serious injuries caused by an auto accident and you believe the driver was distracted, contact Race Law Firm today. We will schedule a free consultation for you to discuss your accident with us. Our legal team will advise you of your options. You may be eligible to seek substantial compensation for your injuries.

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