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Medical Abandonment Claims Atlanta, GA

In doctor/patient relationships, both people enter into a consensual agreement when treatment begins. While either can terminate the relationship, there are protocols that the medical professional is expected to follow. If a patient is relying on a physician to perform needed medical treatment and the doctor suddenly refuses to treat the patient, this can cause serious harm or injury. This is referred to as medical abandonment and it can be a case of medical malpractice.

Doctor Responsibilities to Patients

If a patient is seeing a doctor for a specific treatment, they depend on that doctor to continue the treatments as agreed. While the doctor can decide to terminate their relationship, they have a responsibility to give the patient enough notice to find another doctor. A physician who suddenly is unavailable to provide treatment during a critical point of a patient’s illness could put them in jeopardy of harm. Imagine if cancer treatment was suddenly stopped and a patient could not find another physician to perform the treatment in time.

In medical abandonment cases, a few elements must be present. The patient and doctor must have an established relationship where treatment was expected. The abandonment or refusal to treat the patient must have occurred during a critical and expected treatment period and initiated by the doctor. The patient would not have been given enough notice to find alternative care, resulting in documented harm to the patient. If all these elements are in place, the doctor may be considered negligent and be liable for injuries caused to their patient.

Medical abandonment medical malpractice claims are not common, but can be devastating when they occur. If you believe you have been the victim of medical abandonment and it caused you serious harm, contact our legal team at Race Law Firm in Atlanta. We can discuss your claim and advise you on your legal options.

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