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Private Person Transport Wrecks Atlanta, GA

There are many options available to get you to your destination without needing to drive. Private person transportation is big business and available for people in all income brackets. From taxis and shuttle buses to more elegant town cars and limousines, there are quick, convenient options available when you want to ride instead of drive. It is the duty of these carriers to protect the safety of their passengers. When you are injured in a private person transport wreck, you should have options to seek compensation to cover your injuries.

When you are injured in a vehicle accident while using a taxi, airport shuttle or town car service, you may not be sure who is liable for your injuries. If the accident involved other vehicles, like any vehicle accident, it will be investigated by the police. If another driver caused the accident, they may be liable for any injuries. However, it is always possible that the transportation company may be liable. At Race Law Firm, we look at all angles of these complex cases to find the best options to obtain justice and maximum compensation for our clients.

Taxi, Limo and Shuttle Accidents

If you lose a loved one or sustain an injury in a private person transport accident, you need legal help to ensure your damages are covered. You can be assured that no one will want to accept responsibility, and whatever entity is liable will have insurance lawyers fighting to pay as little as possible. When you have medical bills, lost income and other damages caused by an accident that was in no way your fault, you deserve to have those damages covered fully. Our legal team is experienced in handling these types of complex cases and will fight to recover the highest level of damages in your case.

Contact Race Law Firm if you were injured in a taxi, limo, shuttle or other type of private person transport wreck. We offer a free case assessment to advise you on your legal options.

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