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A Distracted Truck Driver May Hold Liability in Your Accident Atlanta, GA

A Distracted Truck Driver May Hold Liability in Your Accident

A broken truck on the road

If you have been in an accident involving a truck, you will understandably want to know who is responsible. Truck drivers have a duty of care to other road users, given the typical size of their vehicles. When there is a lapse in due care and attention, collisions can happen. Distracted driving is a broad…

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What is “Quid Pro Quo” Sexual Harassment?

Lawyer in Library Atlanta GA

The Latin phrase “quid pro quo” translates to “something for something”. This type of sexual harassment occurs when someone of authority in a workplace uses that authority to hint, offer or demand sexual actions in exchange for something else. While often easy to hide, it is no less damaging than any other form of sexual…

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Have You Been Injured by Opioid Narcotics?

Prescription Drugs Atlanta GA

Opioid pain medications are frequently prescribed to manage chronic pain conditions. When dosed correctly and managed closely by a physician, they are often an important part of pain management. However, many doctors prescribe strong narcotics without understanding how each should be prescribed and without proper follow-up care. This can lead to addiction, and in more…

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Safe Driving in Winter Weather

Car Accident Atlanta GA

Old Man Winter is here again, bringing cold temperatures, blustery winds and the occasional snowflake. Even though wintry weather is uncommon here in Atlanta, road conditions can still become difficult to navigate during this season. For those who travel outside of the south during winter, unfamiliar roads coupled with snow and ice can cause disaster.…

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Potential Problems with Surgical Mesh After a Surgery in Atlanta

Medical Malpractice Atlanta GA

Issues with surgical mesh have come to the fore as more victims of injury come forward in the media or through the courts. These injuries may not be isolated to a small number of patients, as many more could be suffering in silence. Many surgical mesh manufacturers have put their product through rigorous testing and…

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