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Swimming Pools and Premises Liability Atlanta, GA

Swimming Pools and Premises Liability

Swimming Pool Atlanta GA

The arrival of spring and warmer weather means pool owners will be itching to uncover and clean out the pool to begin enjoying it with family and friends. But any body of water poses risks, even an inviting private swimming pool. Drowning deaths are far too common in Georgia. Both businesses and homeowners have a…

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Childbirth Medical Malpractice

Ultrasound Medical Malpractice

Treatment errors and negligence related to childbirth are one of the leading medical malpractice lawsuits that we see in Atlanta, Georgia. Some injuries can’t be avoided, especially in situations of life or death, meaning that injuries caused by these scenarios may be medically appropriate. However, there are many other instances where injuries to a baby…

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Do You Have Grounds for A Lawsuit Against A Hospital?

Medical Malpractice Atlanta GA

Atlanta hospitals are responsible for maintaining proper operations and providing adequate medical treatment for their patients. Hospitals are also liable for the actions (or lack thereof) of their doctors and nurses. If you’ve received improper treatment during your stay at a hospital, then you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Medical Malpractice Issues That End…

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Georgia’s Hands-Free Law

Accident Attorney Atlanta, GA

It’s been over a year now since Georgia passed its hands-free driving law, becoming the 16th state at the time to do so. Yet there are still many distracted drivers in Atlanta that haven’t gotten the memo. Keep yourself and others safe by being a responsible citizen and abiding by the following laws: While driving,…

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Bed Sores Caused by Negligence

Kevin P. Race

When an Atlanta, Georgia resident is bedridden, they’re prone to developing bedsores (which are ulcers on the skin.) Bedsores result from laying in the same position for too long without having your weight shifted. Hospitals and nursing homes have protocols in place to prevent bedsores, which involve turning the patient’s position every few hours. Once…

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