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Safe Driving in Winter Weather Atlanta, GA

Safe Driving in Winter Weather

Car Accident Atlanta GA

Old Man Winter is here again, bringing cold temperatures, blustery winds and the occasional snowflake. Even though wintry weather is uncommon here in Atlanta, road conditions can still become difficult to navigate during this season. For those who travel outside of the south during winter, unfamiliar roads coupled with snow and ice can cause disaster.…

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Potential Problems with Surgical Mesh After a Surgery in Atlanta

Medical Malpractice Atlanta GA

Issues with surgical mesh have come to the fore as more victims of injury come forward in the media or through the courts. These injuries may not be isolated to a small number of patients, as many more could be suffering in silence. Many surgical mesh manufacturers have put their product through rigorous testing and…

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Four Common Causes of Distracted Driving

Accident Attorney Atlanta, GA

As the number one cause of motor vehicle accidents, distracted driving comes in many forms. Technology plays a large role in drivers not paying attention to the road. However, there are several other causes that cannot be blamed on external influences. These four common causes of distracted driving are avoidable. It is the responsibility of…

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Can Telehealth Measures Place You at Risk?

Telehealth Atlanta GA

Telehealth appointments have moved from relative obscurity to the mainstream of healthcare due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Viewed as a means of continuing to provide healthcare in a safer, more convenient method while preventing the spread of the coronavirus, telehealth measures may place patients at risk for missed diagnosis or failure to diagnose incidents that…

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Stacked Merchandise Hazards in a Warehouse Setting

Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta GA

Any business that manages warehouse facilities has a responsibility to keep employees and visitors safe. This type of environment is typically home to a large number of products, many of which are heavy or pose other dangers. If merchandise is not stored or secured correctly, it can result in injuries or fatalities on the premises.…

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