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Accident Injury Costs Can Dominate Your Future Atlanta, GA

Accident Injury Costs Can Dominate Your Future

Medical Malpractice Atlanta GA

The costs associated with an accident or related injuries can have far-reaching impacts. Your financial situation may never recover. As one monthly bill is paid, another is waiting in the wings. There are numerous ways that medical and other costs can cripple your bank balance. Act now to seek compensation to cover your losses. While…

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Can You Sue for Opioid-Related Damages?

A lawyer during a legal consultation with a client.

Opioid misuse has become a nationwide epidemic in recent years. Tragically, millions of Americans are dealing with the long-term effects of opiate use, health problems and addiction. Taking these substances can have devastating results. Abuse of prescribed opioids, even under supervision, can cause unanticipated medical issues. If a faulty treatment hurts you, you might have…

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How to Legally Deal with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta GA

Men and women can encounter inappropriate behavior on the job with unwelcome sexual advances and jokes. Intimidation and hostile work environments can lead to an employee being denied a raise or promotion. Employees can risk retaliation from employers that can affect every aspect of life. Whether you have been accused or are the recipient of…

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When Is a Driver Liable for Pedestrian or Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycle lying on a road after a collision with a car.

Have you or a loved one been injured by a vehicle while walking or riding a bicycle? The driver might be liable. The road rules, the accident’s severity and other causal factors all play a role in knowing who is at fault in pedestrian or bike accidents involving vehicles. Here are a few things you…

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Blow the Whistle on Medicare Fraud and Get Paid

Two people analyzing legal documents

Medicare pays billions of dollars for medical care every year. This money comes from Americans – it is one of the taxes taken out of your paycheck to care for those who need medical assistance. Unfortunately, there are many companies that have abused the Medicare system by filing fraudulent claims to increase their profits. If…

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