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Surgical Errors and Complications Atlanta, GA

When you are told you need surgery or you decide to undergo elective surgery, it is standard for you to be told the risks. These can seem frightening; but although there are accepted risks with any surgery, most are successful. The risks are usually low, but it is the duty of your doctor or surgeon to inform you of possible poor outcomes. What is not an accepted risk is surgical errors. When injuries or complications are caused by surgical teams deviating from the reasonable standard of care, it can be cause for a medical malpractice claim.

Surgical “Never Events”

In the medical field, there is a list of “never events” that can cause harm or injury to patients. These are events that should never happen because they are preventable. Some of these “never events” specifically involve surgical procedures. When these occur, it is due to someone not following the accepted protocol and it is almost always a form of medical negligence. Some “never events” that are preventable surgical errors include:

  • Surgery performed on the wrong patient
  • Surgery performed on the wrong body part
  • Surgical items left inside the patient
  • Wrong procedure performed
  • Certain anesthesia deaths

Beyond “never events” there are other errors that can occur during surgery and cause injuries. Errors in anesthesia dosage and monitoring can cause brain damage and other injuries. Misplaced incisions can cause internal bleeding or damage to other organs or tissues. Poor post-operative care can cause serious infections or sepsis. These are not accepted risks of surgery, but medical errors that can be prevented.

If you have suffered an injury or complication from a surgical error, you need an experienced medical malpractice attorney on your side. Kevin Race and our legal team at Race Law Firm have the experience you need to uncover surgical errors and build your case for medical malpractice. Contact our office in Atlanta to schedule an appointment to discuss your legal options.

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