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Assaults and Shootings Atlanta, GA

Experiencing an assault or shooting can change your life forever. In a blink of an eye, you can become a victim of a bullet wound or other assault without provocation. Mass shootings and other assaults have made headline news in recent years. While the person or persons who initiate the assaults are usually apprehended or take their own life, there are others that may share in the responsibility. If poor security or safety precautions contributed to your assault, you may be eligible to seek damages from the property owner.

Assaults and shootings often occur in areas where people believe they are safe and will be unarmed. A bar, movie theater or arena can become a shooting gallery if the proper security is not in place. Under premises liability laws, property and business owners have a duty to their patrons to keep them safe. While not all assaults or shootings can be prevented, if adequate security measures are used, perpetrators of these crimes may not be able to commit their atrocities.

Premises Liability for Mass Shootings

In mass shootings, a thorough police investigation is launched into why and how a deranged person could injure or kill innocent people. One of the questions asked is why did they choose that location at that time? This is where the responsibility of the property or business owner may be revealed. While they are unlikely to be held responsible under criminal law, they may have responsibilities that were neglected under premises liability law. If their business or property was chosen by the shooter due to poor security, lighting or safety issues, they could be held partially liable for the injuries and deaths that resulted.

If you lost a loved one or you were injured in a shooting or assault that could have been prevented with better security measures, Race Law Firm is here to help. We can evaluate your claim and advise you on your rights. You may be eligible to seek compensation for medical bills, income loss and pain and suffering in a premises liability claim against the business or property owner where the assault or shooting occurred. Contact our office in Atlanta to schedule a free legal assessment of your case.

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