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Meet Kevin P. Race Atlanta, GA

Kevin RaceI’ve spent most of my legal career representing hospitals, doctors and healthcare providers. When I was growing up, my mother went to night school to become a nurse. While attending law school, I lived with my great uncle who had been chief of surgery at Crawford Long (now Emory Midtown). We also spent a lot of time with his brother, a long-time OB/GYN in Cobb County. It was through these experiences that I developed a life-long curiosity about medicine that led me into the medical malpractice arena after law school.

I spent 23 years representing those who practice healthcare, and that depth of experience has now prepared me to represent patients who have been injured. I know how things operate. I know what questions to ask and I know what rocks to look under.

I still have a burning desire to make things better. In addition to obtaining compensation for those who have been injured, I believe that the litigation process, when done correctly, can lead to the improvement of the healthcare system for everyone’s benefit.

When I talk to people and families who have been impacted by medical negligence, they always say the same thing. “I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.” It is my goal to maximize your compensation and to use the litigation process to make sure that the negligence isn’t repeated and the system is improved. It is often through the legal process of exposing systemic flaws where improvement can occur.
I know the lingo. I know medicine and I know how hospital CEOs and Medical Directors think. I also know that too often in modern medicine, profits are put ahead of patient safety.

In addition to medical malpractice, my extensive experience with complex medical issues has uniquely positioned me to investigate, evaluate and present the medical damages aspect of any personal injury or wrongful death case.

I live in Atlanta’s Morningside neighborhood with my wife Jane. We have three children, Thompson, Carson and Sadie.

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