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Knee Implants Atlanta, GA

The knee is one of the most common joints needing replacement. This is due to lost cartilage and damage from years of wear and tear. Hundreds of thousands of people undergo complete knee replacement surgery each year with the hope of gaining improved mobility and less pain. Most knee implants are projected to last for up to 20 years or longer, making the surgery worth the investment for individuals who want an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, many are disappointed when their knee implant turns out to be defective.

There are have been thousands of knee implants that have been recalled in recent years by major medical manufacturers. Even those that have not been recalled can have defects that lead to premature failure, infection or revision surgeries. For patients that receive one of these defective knee joints, they could face excruciating pain, infection, removal surgery or loss of mobility. The hope of regaining a higher quality of life with a knee replacement turns into a nightmare of medical problems and discomfort.

Have You Experienced Knee Implant Complications?

If you are one of the thousands that received a recalled or defective knee implant, you may be eligible to seek compensation from the manufacturer. Knee replacements that prematurely fail, require revision surgery or have other complications may be defective in design. Our team at Race Law can research your case. We will help you determine if you are eligible to receive compensation to cover medical costs, lost income and provide restitution for your pain and suffering.

Those that have been suffering from a defective knee implant surgery should contact our Atlanta office to schedule a free consultation. Kevin Race and our legal team have the experience you need to determine your legal options. Contact us today to learn more about the possibility of pursuing a knee replacement lawsuit.

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