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Dram Shop Liability Atlanta, GA

Drunk driving accidents are always preventable and can be devastating to victims injured by people who make poor decisions. Not only does this include the driver who decided to drive while intoxicated, but it can also include the business that sold them alcohol. Dram shop laws hold businesses and social hosts accountable for selling or serving alcohol to those who are intoxicated and then drive under the influence. If you were injured in a vehicle accident by a drunk driver, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries in a dram shop liability lawsuit.

There are many times when a drunk driver injures or kills someone in an accident. Unfortunately, they may not have insurance coverage or the financial means to cover the costs of their actions. The injured person or family of the deceased victim is then left with medical bills and other financial costs without a way to collect from the driver. In some scenarios, filing a claim against the dram shop or social host that served the driver alcohol is an option. This is whether or not the driver has the ability to pay for damages.

Dram Shop Laws in Georgia

Georgia does allow for injured victims to seek compensation from dram shops or social hosts that served/sold alcohol to drivers that caused the injury accident. However, there are stipulations, and it must be proven that the business broke the law. The accused must have served or sold alcohol to a person that was obviously intoxicated and had reason to believe they would drive. This can be difficult to prove, but not impossible. With an experienced attorney on your side, an investigation into the actions of the dram shop can be completed. If there is evidence the driver was intoxicated and could possibly drive, the business or social host may be liable for the injuries caused by the driver.

Dram shop cases are complex, but can help victims injured by drunk drivers recover compensation for their injuries. Contact Race Law Firm if you or a loved one were harmed by a drunk driving accident. We can explore your legal options to seek compensation, including considering dram shop liability.

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