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Swimming Pool Accidents Atlanta, GA

Any body of water can be hazardous, even an inviting swimming pool. Drowning deaths are too common in swimming pools, causing a devastating loss for families. Homeowners and businesses with swimming pools on their property have a responsibility to provide a safe environment to prevent serious injuries and deaths. If you lost a loved one due to a drowning death caused by an unsafe swimming pool, the property owner may be liable for your loss.

There are precautions that owners of swimming pools are expected to use to prevent injuries. This includes pool maintenance to keep water safe for swimming, sturdy ladders, secure drain covers and reliable handrails. It also may include preventing children from accessing a swimming pool without supervision. Swimming pools should be fenced and inaccessible to children to prevent accidental drowning. When safety measures are not used and a swimming accident occurs, the property owner may be held responsible for injuries or deaths that occur.

Types of Swimming Pool Accidents

Drowning deaths, especially of small children, are the most tragic type of swimming pool accidents. Unfortunately, many of these deaths could be prevented by safety measures put in place by the pool owner. Other types of swimming pool accidents that can cause serious injuries at both residential and commercial pools include:

  • Slipping accidents due to smooth, slippery pool decks
  • Falls caused by loose or broken pool handrails, diving boards or ladders
  • Cuts caused by broken glass or sharp objects in the pool
  • Suction injuries caused by unsecured or damaged drain covers
  • Infection/illness from unsafe water contaminants

If you have lost a child to a drowning death or you were injured due to an unsafe swimming pool, contact Race Law Firm in Atlanta to discuss your claim, and learn more about your legal options. You may be eligible to sue for wrongful death or file a claim for injuries under premises liability laws.

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