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Apartment/Hotel Rapes or Attacks Atlanta, GA

Danger should not be lurking in the hallways of apartment buildings and hotels. Guests and tenants have a right to feel safe when they enter or leave their hotel room or apartment. Owners of these properties have a duty to provide adequate security for those who reside in these buildings. When rapes or attacks occur due to poor security, the property owner may be liable for injuries.

Criminals who commit brutal attacks or rapes look for ideal conditions to find victims. A well-lit parking lot or premises with security cameras and locked entrances are less inviting to criminals. When a hotel or apartment owners neglect to put security measures in place to protect those who use their facilities, they may be legally liable for any injuries that occur. This is especially true for buildings in high crime areas or where attacks have been committed in the past.

Injuries Caused by Sexual or Physical Assaults

When someone is attacked, they can sustain physical and emotional injuries that can haunt them for years. They may sustain bone fractures, knife wounds, gunshot wounds and contusions that may require medical care. In severe attacks, head trauma could cause brain injuries or even death. Beyond the physical injuries, the traumatic experience of the attack can impact their mental and emotional state. Victims may have post-traumatic stress disorder or other emotional injuries that require ongoing treatment and therapy.

If you or a loved one were attacked at a hotel or apartment building with inadequate security, you may be eligible to seek compensation for injuries. Victims may receive money to cover medical costs, lost wages, therapy and for pain and suffering. Contact Race Law Firm in Atlanta to learn more about your legal options. If we handle your case, we will diligently pursue justice for you and your family.

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