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Hip Replacements Atlanta, GA

The hip joint is the largest joint in the body and often one that has extensive wear and tear. Hip replacements restore mobility for many people who have damaged or worn out hip joints. It is unfortunate that not all hip replacements are successful. In fact, many people suffer more from their hip replacement surgery than they did before. This is due to defective and unsafe medical products used in their procedure.

Hip replacements involve replacing the ball and socket joint that is made of bone and cartilage with a man-made version. There are many different medical device manufacturers that sell these artificial hips. In the last few decades, metal-on-metal hip replacements flooded the market, touted as more durable than their plastic or ceramic predecessors. Instead, many of these hip replacements are prematurely failing, and causing serious health issues for patients that had these devices implanted in their bodies.

Injuries Caused by Metal-On-Metal Hip Replacements

The metal socket and ball devices for hip replacements have had very disappointing results. Many patients with these devices have had them removed due to dysfunction or failure, sometimes within months of their initial surgery. Some of the side effects linked to certain metal-on-metal hip replacements include:

  • Grinding, clicking or popping of the joint
  • Metal shards released into the surrounding tissue
  • Toxicity of chromium and cobalt from the metal joint
  • Premature failure of the hip
  • Bone loss
  • Poor mobility – pain and difficulty when walking
  • Inflammation, infection, osteolysis, necrosis and metallosis

At Race Law Firm, we are advocates for those injured due to the negligence of others, especially large companies looking to make money selling unsafe devices. If you have suffered severe health consequences and a loss of quality of life due to a defective hip replacement, contact our office in Atlanta today. We want to help you explore your legal options. You may be eligible to receive substantial compensation for the pain and suffering caused by your ineffective hip replacement.

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