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Neurology Claims Atlanta, GA

Few areas of medicine are as highly specialized as neurology. When a medical problem or injury impacts the brain or nervous system, it is often necessary to have the expertise of a neurosurgeon for diagnosis, treatment and possibly surgery. If medical mistakes are made in the diagnosis or treatment of a neurological condition, the patient could be at high risk for life-changing effects to their health and quality of life.

Injuries Caused by Neurosurgeon Errors

Like all areas of medicine, those who specialize in neurosurgery can make mistakes. This can occur during exams, diagnosis and during treatment. These errors can be extremely harmful due to the specialized nature of the field and the repercussions of damage to the nervous system. Mistakes made by neurosurgeons can include:

  • Surgical errors causing damage to the brain or nervous system. A wrong incision or other errors during neurosurgery can cause permanent damage.
  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a neurological condition.
  • Misinterpreting images, lab or test results.
  • Medical abandonment – There are a limited number of neurosurgeons available to complete treatments and if a neurosurgeon abandons a patient during treatment, they may not be able to find another to complete the needed surgery or procedure.

Cases of medical malpractice in the field of neurology are very complex. It requires extensive research and access to medical experts to uncover errors that were made during a patient’s treatment. Race Law has the advantage of an experienced medical malpractice attorney who has worked in the field for over two decades. Kevin Race spent 25 years as a defense attorney for major medical facilities, and now uses his extensive experience to help those who are victims of medical malpractice.

If you believe you or a family member were injured due to neurology malpractice, schedule a consultation with our legal team at Race Law Firm. We will assess your claim and if we handle your case, you can expect us to tirelessly fight for your rights for compensation.

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