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Medicaid and Medicare Fraud Atlanta, GA

One of the most common misuses of government funds occurs with companies that accept Medicaid or Medicare. Flagrant offenses have been uncovered by nursing homes, medical clinics, hospitals and other companies who have over-billed or charged the government for services that were never performed. If you have witnessed activities that are used to defraud Medicare or Medicaid for financial benefit to a company, you could receive a substantial reward for information if you file a whistleblower lawsuit.

Whistleblower lawsuits, or qui tam lawsuits, are filed by those who have information about government fraud by a company. The lawsuit is filed against the guilty company and the plaintiff is protected under the False Claim Act. This gives the witness or plaintiff protection from retaliation. Most often, it is an employee of the company that is privy to information that can prove fraud, commonly against government programs like Medicaid or Medicare.

Have You Witnessed Company Medicare Fraud?

If you work for a medical company that has been overbilling or defrauding Medicare or Medicaid for profit and you can provide evidence, you could be eligible to file a whistleblower lawsuit against the company. These lawsuits help the government recover millions, even billions, of lost funds from fraudulent activity. As an incentive, you could be given an award of 15-30% of the total amount recovered. There have been whistleblowers who have received hundreds of millions of dollars in their whistleblower lawsuits.

If you have information that can help prove a company is committing fraud against Medicare or Medicaid, Race Law Firm is here to help. We can discuss your legal options. Our team will advise you on whether filing a whistleblower lawsuit is possible to help stop government fraud and reward you with a large financial settlement. Contact our Atlanta office today to schedule your free Medicare fraud lawsuit consultation.

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