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Cerebral Palsy Atlanta, GA

Safe delivery of a child requires planning, monitoring and preparedness on the part of the medical delivery team. Birth delivery emergencies can often be predicted and prevented by medical professionals that use the accepted protocols. Unfortunately, birthing errors can be made that lead to serious injuries to the child, including brain damage or cerebral palsy. This is more tragic when the injury was caused by medical negligence.

One of the main concerns during a difficult childbirth is ensuring the baby continues to get the oxygen it needs. Delivery teams should be carefully monitoring the baby for distress that can indicate if the umbilical cord is compromised or other issues are blocking oxygen. There is a very short period of time to relieve the issue before the hypoxia injures the baby’s brain. If cesarean delivery or other methods are not used to get oxygen to the baby, he/she could die or have long-term brain damage or cerebral palsy.

Long-Term Consequences of Birthing Errors

When a medical team does not act quickly enough during a delivery emergency, they can put the mother and baby at risk. Many children are born with cerebral palsy due to birthing errors. This will impact the rest of their lives and require extensive medical care and special needs. When doctors and nurses at a hospital or medical facility are to blame, it is only right that they should bear the burden of the cost.

If your child has cerebral palsy due to a preventable brain injury during delivery, you may be eligible to seek compensation. Our experienced legal team at Race Law Firm may be able to help you recover funds to cover medical expenses and the special care that your child will need. Contact our office in Atlanta, and schedule a free consultation to discuss your medical malpractice claim.

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