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Anesthesia Errors Atlanta, GA

Without anesthesia, many of the miraculous medical procedures that can save lives could not be performed. Even smaller procedures, like dental repairs and cosmetic enhancements, are less painful and easier to complete with some type of anesthesia. Surgeons, dentists and anesthesiologists receive specialized training on how to safely use anesthesia to lower the risks of complications. If medical mistakes are made, anesthesia can become very dangerous, causing serious injury and even death.

There are some known risks to using anesthesia in medical procedures, but the benefits usually outweigh them. If performed accurately, anesthesia rarely has adverse effects. However, this requires medical professionals to use the correct procedures to ensure their patients are not inadvertently harmed. When errors in monitoring, dosage and other factors are made, a patient can suffer from harm.

Types of Anesthesia Error Injuries

Anesthesia errors are a form of medical malpractice. If the expected protocols are not followed during the use of anesthesia, it is a direct violation of the trust that patients put in their medical team. Serious anesthesia injuries and death have occurred during routine procedures, causing pain and suffering for the victims. If those injuries could have been prevented, the medical team responsible may be guilty of medical malpractice. Injuries from anesthesia mistakes can include:

At Race Law Firm, we have an experienced legal team that helps victims of anesthesia errors pursue compensation for their injuries or loss. If you have suffered injuries caused by anesthesia negligence or lost a loved one due to anesthesia errors, please contact our office to schedule a legal consultation. We will help you determine whether you are eligible to seek compensation for your claim. If we take your case, we will fight to recover the maximum award in your anesthesia medical malpractice claim.

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