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Birth Injury Claims Atlanta, GA

With advancements in medical technology, fewer birthing deaths and injuries occur than ever before in history. Hospitals and birthing centers have the ability to carefully monitor the mother and child during delivery, reducing the risks of complications. When a birth injury to the child does occur, it is tragic. This is especially true when it may have been prevented. If a medical error causes a birth injury, it is devastating and those responsible should be held liable.

Preventable birth injuries occur when proper techniques and technology are not used during delivery. This includes monitoring the fetus for distress during delivery. A delay in responding to a fetus who is not receiving enough oxygen or other issues can lead to permanent injuries and even death. Other errors can occur during the delivery process, such as using the wrong techniques to transport the baby through the birth canal, causing nerve damage.

Types of Preventable Birth Injuries

It is tragic when a baby is injured due to medical errors during delivery. Simple adherence to the commonly accepted birthing and delivery practices can prevent many of these serious injuries. Some of the types of preventable birth injuries caused by medical errors include:

If your child was injured during delivery, you may face the burden of medical bills and special care needed for your child. Medical facilities may be held liable for birth injuries if their staff made medical errors during delivery that resulted in your child’s injury. You may be eligible to receive compensation to cover medical expenses and care for your child, as well as other damages.

Contact Race Law Firm in Atlanta if you believe your child was injured during delivery due to a medical mistake. Kevin Race is a highly experienced medical malpractice attorney who spent 25 years defending hospitals against claims. He now works for the patients injured from these medical errors. Let him use his unique experience and expertise to fight for you and your child’s right to compensation.

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