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Whistleblower / False Claims Act / Qui Tam Atlanta, GA

Many privately owned companies are contracted by the government to provide services and are paid with tax dollars. When a company overcharges or defrauds the government in any way for profit, it is illegal and a drain on government funds. Unfortunately, billions of dollars are lost every year due to illegal or fraudulent activities by government contractors. To stop this activity and recover lost funds, the federal government offers substantial rewards to whistleblowers through the False Claim Act.

The False Claim Act was created to protect the federal government from fraudulent practices by private companies that provide goods or services through government contracts. Whistleblower, or qui tam lawsuits, are allowed under the False Claim Act. They are an incentive to bring witnesses forward to uncover companies that are committing fraud against the government. Witnesses are protected from retaliation and may receive a substantial financial award if they can help prove a company has defrauded the government. Plaintiffs in whistleblower lawsuits can receive up to 30% of the money recovered from fraudulent activity. This can result in hundreds of millions of dollars in some cases.

False Claim Act Lawsuits

Any company that has a government contract must be honest in their billing and use of government funds. If someone witnesses fraudulent activity and can help prove a company is defrauding the government, they can file a whistleblower lawsuit under the False Claim Act. They will be protected from retaliation from the company and may be eligible to receive a substantial award. Our team at Race Law can represent those who wish to file a qui tam lawsuit, including those involving:

If you have information about a company that is defrauding the federal government, contact the legal team at Race Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation. We can discuss filing a whistleblower lawsuit that could reward you for your contribution with a sizable award.

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