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Compression Injury Claims Atlanta, GA

When performing certain medical treatments, procedures or surgery, careful attention must be paid to the surrounding nerves. A medical error can cause serious damage to the nerves, which may not be repairable. Not only can incisions, ablation and other medical techniques cause nerve damage, but accidental compression can also result in an injury. If you are suffering from a nerve compression injury caused by an error made during a medical procedure, you may be eligible to seek compensation through a medical malpractice claim.

Compression injuries can occur in many different medical situations. Any time pressure or strain is placed on nerves, they can be damaged and may no longer function correctly. This can cause paralysis, numbness, loss of function or chronic pain in the affected areas. Repairing nerve damage is not always possible. This is even with advanced medical technology, as some nerve injuries cannot be reversed.

Types of Nerve Damage Injuries Caused by Medical Errors

Compression injuries to nerves can happen in a wide variety of medical procedures. Using the accepted protocols and precautions can prevent these injuries from occurring. Some of the most common types of nerve damage injuries that are caused by medical errors include:

  • Brachial plexus injuries during childbirth
  • Clamping or compression of nerves during surgery
  • Chiropractic manipulations that damage nerves in the back or neck
  • Improper movement or positioning of a patient

Compression injuries result in many different medical and health issues. Nerve damage in the back or neck can cause paresthesia (numbness or tingling), cauda equina syndrome (incontinence or reproductive dysfunction) or localized paralysis. Childbirth injuries can result in Erb’s palsy from compression of the brachial plexus. Some of these injuries and health conditions can be permanent, impacting a person’s quality of life.

If you believe you or your child suffered a compression injury or nerve damage due to a medical error, contact Race Law Firm in Atlanta to schedule a free legal assessment . We are experienced medical malpractice attorneys that can help determine whether seeking compensation for your injury is possible.

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