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Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy Claims Atlanta, GA

The final period before a child’s birth is the most critical. A healthy fetus can endure life and health-altering consequences if errors are made at delivery. Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) most commonly occurs during childbirth. However, it can happen anytime the brain is deprived of oxygen. If medical errors were made that caused HEI and long-term brain injuries, the victim and their family may be eligible to seek compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

HEI causes fast and catastrophic damage to the brain. The lack of oxygen creates a chain reaction of dying cells in the brain. The result of HEI can be permanent damage to the brain, leaving many newborns with cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities (cognitive and physical), epilepsy and other health problems. It is estimated that HEI is one of the largest causes of neonatal deaths, about 23% worldwide.

If HEI occurs, the best course of action is for the medical team to perform hypothermia treatment. This can help limit the long-term damage to the brain by creating a quick cooling period.

What are the Causes of HEI?

There are many possible causes of HEI, most linked to difficult deliveries. Any time the fetus is no longer getting enough oxygen to the brain, it is possible HEI can occur. Knowing the risk factors and monitoring the fetus during labor is vital. Medical professionals should be aware of these risks and act accordingly to avoid delaying delivery if the fetus is in distress.

When doctors and other medical professionals do not recognize obvious signs of fetal distress or indicators of HEI, they may be liable for the damages caused to the infant. Also, not performing HEI treatment when there are symptoms after the birth could also be considered a preventable medical error.

If your child was born with HEI caused by poor responses by medical staff during delivery, we can help. You may be facing many years of medical care for your child. We can discuss whether a medical malpractice lawsuit is in you and your child’s best interest. Contact Race Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation with our legal team.

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