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Hospital Negligence Claims Atlanta, GA

No one wants to end up needing care in a hospital, but it is sometimes necessary. While the food may not be great and rest can seem impossible with constant interruptions by staff, the stay at a hospital is usually in your best interest. It is unfortunate that not all hospital stays are beneficial. Some can result in serious injuries that cause you more distress than the original reason you were admitted. When hospital negligence occurs, you may be eligible to seek medical malpractice damages due to the incompetence of the medical care team.

What Constitutes Hospital Negligence?

When you are admitted to a hospital, you expect to receive attentive health care. You or your insurance company are charged hundreds of dollars a day just to be in the facility and billed accordingly for any additional treatments. Hospital negligence is when your healthcare providers do not provide the accepted level of care, or worse, cause additional pain and suffering. This can include:

  • Poor safety procedures that result in injury
  • Abusive hospital personnel
  • Wrong medications
  • Failure to monitor health conditions
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Surgical errors
  • Hospital-acquired infections
  • Unneeded medical procedures

When improper care at a hospital causes injury or additional health problems, it can be a case of medical malpractice. The facility and medical personnel may be held responsible and liable for injuries. When brought into the legal realm, this can result in compensation for the victim to pay for medical expenses, income losses, pain and suffering, therapy and other damages.

If you have lost a loved one due to wrongful death caused by hospital negligence or you were harmed from hospital personnel errors, come see us at Race Law Firm. Kevin Race is an experienced medical malpractice attorney that will evaluate your case and give advice on your legal options. The consultation is free, so just contact our office in Atlanta to schedule your appointment.

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