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Nerve Damage Claims Atlanta, GA

The nervous system is responsible for connecting the brain with every organ and muscle in the body. Those pathways send the signals needed to allow proper function and movement. As important as nerves are to our quality of life and health, they are very delicate and easily damaged. Unlike many tissues, nerves are difficult or even impossible to repair if they are damaged. When nerve injuries occur, it can result in permanent dysfunction of the associated muscles or organs. If the nerve injury is the result of poor medical care, it can be a case of medical negligence or malpractice.

Doctors, dentists, nurses and surgeons who perform procedures that can impact the nervous system must be careful not to cause injury. Many types of nerve injuries are caused by peripheral procedures that accidently damage nerves. This could be as simple as a local anesthesia injection during a dental treatment that grazes a nerve or as severe as accidentally cutting a nerve during surgery. Once a nerve is damaged, there is a chance that it cannot be repaired and any resulting dysfunction could be permanent.

Common Causes of Medical Error Nerve Injuries

A nerve injury can cause pain, numbness, muscle impairment or organ dysfunction, depending on what signal the nerve controls. Even compression of a nerve can cause damage that affects its function. Common causes of nerve injuries during medical procedures include:

  • Poor positioning of a patient during administering of anesthesia
  • Errors made while giving injections
  • The nerve is cut by a wrongly placed incision during surgery
  • Oxygen deprivation from poor positioning of patient causes nerve damage
  • Nerves are pinched or compressed due to errors made by a doctor or surgeon

Nerve injuries can cause paralysis and other serious health problems. If you had a medical procedure that resulted in nerve damage due to errors or negligence, you may be eligible to seek compensation for your injury. To discuss your claim, contact our team at Race Law Firm in Atlanta. We offer free legal assessments for medical malpractice cases.

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