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Driver on Drugs Atlanta, GA

It is an unfortunate fact that there are commercial truck drivers who choose to get behind the wheel under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Driving while impaired is dangerous in any circumstance. It is even more so when the driver is behind the wheel of a large commercial truck. If a truck driver is on drugs and causes an accident, they could seriously injure others or even cause a fatality. Victims of truck accidents with drug involvement may be able to seek compensation for their injuries or losses in a truck accident claim.

Laws regulating truck drivers are strict when it comes to DUIs and any type of drug impairment. Commercial truck drivers are held to a higher standard when it comes to drug or alcohol use when on the job. Considering the size of large trucks, it is imperative that truck drivers are lucid and alert when they are behind the wheel. If a truck accident occurs and the driver has drugs or alcohol in their system, they may be found at fault and liable for any injuries they caused to others on the road.

Negligence in Drug-Related Truck Accidents

In most cases, truck drivers involved in injury or fatality accidents will be tested for drugs or alcohol by the police. However, even if testing proves the truck driver had drugs in their system, it is not always a clear case of negligence. Our team at Race Law Firm is experienced at investigating all the legal aspects of a case to ensure our clients get the justice they deserve. If a driver on drugs causes an injury in a truck accident, we work diligently to prove that the driver was negligent. Our legal team will do our best to help provide the victim with the compensation they deserve.

Do not expect that just because a truck driver was on drugs that the insurance companies will play fair and pay what is owed for an injury accident. You need a truck accident lawyer that will fight for your right to be compensated for medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering caused by your injuries or loss. Contact Race Law Firm in Atlanta to discuss your truck accident case. We offer free legal assessments for truck accident victims.

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