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When Is a Driver Liable for Pedestrian or Bicycle Accidents? Atlanta, GA

When Is a Driver Liable for Pedestrian or Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycle lying on a road after a collision with a car.

Have you or a loved one been injured by a vehicle while walking or riding a bicycle? The driver might be liable. The road rules, the accident’s severity and other causal factors all play a role in knowing who is at fault in pedestrian or bike accidents involving vehicles. Here are a few things you…

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Blow the Whistle on Medicare Fraud and Get Paid

Two people analyzing legal documents

Medicare pays billions of dollars for medical care every year. This money comes from Americans – it is one of the taxes taken out of your paycheck to care for those who need medical assistance. Unfortunately, there are many companies that have abused the Medicare system by filing fraudulent claims to increase their profits. If…

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Real Dangers That Can Occur with Laparoscopic Surgery

Stethoscope, chemical samples, magnifier, medical documents

Laparoscopic or “keyhole” surgeries are performed by the thousands every day in the U.S. From spinal repairs to removing internal organs, many surgeries are completed through very small incisions. There are benefits to laparoscopic surgery for the patient, but there may also be risks that need to be considered. There are dangers of completing a…

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If Someone’s Dog Bites You, Contact an Attorney Immediately

A woman walking with an aggressively barking dog on a leash.

Over 4.5 million dog bites occur annually. Some of these incidents are terrible, resulting in broken bones and lacerations requiring extensive medical care. In addition, the dog bite victim may be left with horrific scarring and deformities that require plastic surgery. A big dog can cause substantial damage within seconds. They can tear flesh and…

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Medical Innovations are Not Invulnerable to Misuse

Medival malpractice lawyer working at his desk with a gavel and a stethoscope placed on it.

Medical innovations can change the world and give hope to people suffering from serious health conditions. Treatment options are increased and, for some, the prospect of making a full recovery becomes a reality for the first time. However, there is no guarantee that a new medical technique, treatment or innovation is 100% safe. One example…

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