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3 Common Medical Malpractice Errors Atlanta, GA
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Medical errors occur every day, and while some are minor, many cause harm to patients. This can lead to patient discomfort, physical burdens or economic losses. In severe cases, errors may cause serious disability or death. Medical malpractice can devastate patients and their families. Due to the seriousness of medical errors, victims of malpractice may be able to receive compensation for their injuries.

Common Medical Malpractice Errors

When undergoing medical care, you trust the medical professional’s ability to make sound judgements. You depend on your medical team to follow certain standards of care, use best practices and monitor your condition. When errors occur, there can be delays in diagnosis, ineffective treatment plans or incorrect medications given to you. Here are three common medical malpractice errors.

Inaccurate Diagnosis

There are many reasons a diagnosis can be incorrect or made in error. Miscommunication between medical professionals, inaccurate or improper testing and failing to follow up on findings can all contribute. The wrong diagnosis can result in you receiving treatments or medications you do not need. It can also prevent you from receiving proper treatment in a timely manner.

Medication Errors

Medications requiring a prescription protect patients by ensuring you receive the correct medicine at the correct dose. This is because many medications can be harmful if taken improperly. Common prescription medication errors include:

  • Prescribing the wrong medication or the wrong dosage
  • Receiving the wrong prescription
  • Receiving someone else’s medication when in the hospital

Faulty Medical Equipment

Faulty medical equipment covers a wide range of devices. Hospitals may experience improper or ineffective sterilization of equipment if key machinery is faulty. This can lead to infection and illness. Intravenous machines may be programmed incorrectly, affecting therapies the patient receives. Other broken equipment can delay diagnosis and treatment.

Have You Been Injured by a Medical Malpractice Error?

If you believe you are the victim of a medical malpractice error, you may have legal options. As a former lawyer for medical facilities, Mr. Race of Race Law Firm in Atlanta now works as a personal injury lawyer. For a medical malpractice error consultation, contact the Race Law Firm today.

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