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Are You Being Overmedicated? Atlanta, GA
Prescription Drugs Atlanta GA

Certain medications are carefully controlled in Georgia and other states. Each drug is tested and an acceptable dosage is determined. If you are on a medication that can have adverse effects and it is overprescribed, you may experience serious health complications.

Discussions with Your Doctor

Your doctor may pick up on the error and reduce the dosage of the medication. However, this does not undo the original mistake. If you have already suffered secondary medical issues due to being overmedicated, lowering the dose will not change that fact.

Dependence on drugs can have a serious impact on mental health. Having your dosage suddenly reduced because a doctor made a mistake could cost you your job, relationships and impact state of mind. It is likely that these issues would not have occurred if you had received the correct dosage of medication.

Seek Legal Advice for Overmedication

If a healthcare provider has advised you that an error was made with your medication, or dosage is lowered without explanation, you may wish to seek legal advice. Most medical professionals have integrity and will acknowledge mistakes even if it comes at a price. However, there are a small minority who may attempt to cover up the error.

A medical malpractice lawyer can represent you if you think that your additional medical issues are a result of overmedication. As a patient needing medical care, you should feel safe in the hands of your doctors or other healthcare professionals. As part of their role in the community, medical professionals take an oath to do no harm. The majority take great strides to honor that oath, but there are always those who will deny any wrongdoing.

If you need a consultation with a medical malpractice lawyer, call Race Law Firm today. We can help you build a case against a healthcare professional who has caused you injury.

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