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Bed Sores Caused by Negligence Atlanta, GA
Kevin P. Race

When an Atlanta, Georgia resident is bedridden, they’re prone to developing bedsores (which are ulcers on the skin.) Bedsores result from laying in the same position for too long without having your weight shifted. Hospitals and nursing homes have protocols in place to prevent bedsores, which involve turning the patient’s position every few hours. Once a bedsore develops, the condition needs to be treated right away to prevent it from worsening and becoming infected.

Bedsores are a preventable condition. Nursing homes and hospitals can become liable for the patient’s injuries when they occur due to not providing the patient with the basic standard of care. Negligence takes place when the caretakers are NOT taking the necessary precautions to prevent bedsores, and when treatment hasn’t been initiated or continued to cure a skin ulcer.

Other Reasons for Bedsores

Check with your loved one’s facility and make sure that their staff are taking the following precautions to help prevent bedsores:

  • Using pressure-relieving mattresses
  • Providing the patient with cushions to relieve pressure
  • Frequently changing the patient’s clothes and bed sheets to reduce moisture
  • Regular inspection of the patient’s body for any signs of bedsores
  • Immediate and constant treatment of bedsores

Seek Legal Assistance for Bed Sores in Atlanta

If you have a loved one in a hospital or nursing home who has developed bedsores, then you should consider filing a medical malpractice claim.  Kevin P. Race of Race Law Firm in Atlanta, Georgia can help you gather the proper documentation to show proof of the negligence which caused the injury. Give us a call today to get the help your family member deserves.

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