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Blow the Whistle on Medicare Fraud and Get Paid Atlanta, GA
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Medicare pays billions of dollars for medical care every year. This money comes from Americans – it is one of the taxes taken out of your paycheck to care for those who need medical assistance. Unfortunately, there are many companies that have abused the Medicare system by filing fraudulent claims to increase their profits. If you have witnessed this occurring, you could be eligible to file a Whistleblower lawsuit and receive a sizable award for your efforts.

Medicare and Medicaid Whistleblower Lawsuits

The federal government created qui tam, or Whistleblower, lawsuits to entice individuals to provide evidence against companies that are defrauding the government. This could be a contractor or any company that receives federal funds and uses this access to steal money from the government. Medicare and Medicaid are one of the most abused federal programs, with many medical care companies filing fake claims to receive millions of dollars for care that was never provided.

In a whistleblower lawsuit, an individual is suing the company by providing evidence of defrauding the government. In most cases, the person works for the company and has access to evidence of fraudulent claims to Medicare or Medicaid. The claimant is protected from retaliation from the company by the False Claim Act.

Big Payday for Medicare Whistleblowers

If you win a Medicare or Medicaid Whistleblower lawsuit, you could receive a substantial monetary award for your participation. The federal government hopes to recover funds fraudulently paid to these companies and rewards whistleblowers with a portion of the recovered funds. This can be 15-30% of the funds, which can be millions of dollars. One of the Whistleblower lawsuits resulted in $3 billion recovered, from which the whistleblower received hundreds of millions of dollars for providing evidence of the fraud.

If you have information about inflated billing or other types of Medicare or Medicaid fraud, you could be eligible to file a Whistleblower lawsuit that could change your life. At Race Law Firm, we have qui tam lawyers that can represent you in your lawsuit and fight for your right to substantial compensation. Call our office in Atlanta, GA to talk to our legal team about your whistleblower claim.

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