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Could Coronavirus Efforts Lead to More Trucking Accidents? Atlanta, GA
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The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has sparked unprecedented responses from many industries. Companies of every type are stepping up to help produce needed supplies for healthcare and other needs. The commercial trucking industry is at the forefront of these efforts, delivering important commodities and vital medical supplies where they are needed the most.

In fact, in order to better facilitate the delivery of much-needed goods to where they are needed, the federal government and many state governments have taken radical steps to relax important safety regulations that govern the trucking industry.

How Have Trucking Regulations Been Modified in Georgia?

A little-mentioned portion of President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency included a directive by the Department of Transportation, called the National Emergency Declaration for Commercial Vehicles Delivering Relief. This directive effectively relaxes the portions of trucking regulations that govern how long commercial truck drivers engaged in delivering essential goods and commodities may drive before a mandated rest. It also reduces the length of rest time required before being allowed to drive again.

Georgia responded in kind, along with many other states. Governor Brian Kemp’s emergency declaration on March 14, 2020, included provisions that suspended restrictions on height, length, weight and hours of operation for all commercial trucking engaged in Coronavirus relief efforts.

What Does This Mean for Georgia Drivers?

Due to stay-at-home orders from Governor Kemp, the number of drivers on The Peach State’s roadways have been reduced. But essential workers and others needing supplies must still drive when necessary. These drivers are now sharing the roadways with speeding trucks carrying incredibly heavy loads, and driven by tired drivers with slower response times.

An overloaded truck can require a significantly greater distance to come to a complete stop when overloaded. Drivers who have been behind the wheel for multiple hours without a break will react slower when a fast response is required for safety.

If you or a loved one are involved in a truck accident and suffer injuries, and the truck was overloaded due to regulations that were relaxed due to the Coronavirus, you should call Kevin P. Race and The Race Law Firm in Atlanta. These measures that were taken by the state and federal government in good faith, and for an admirable cause, could have been the direct cause of your accident.

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