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Deck or Balcony Collapse Can Result in Serious Injuries or Fatalities Atlanta, GA
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Decks and balconies provide outdoor spaces that are often adequately shaded, so you get the best of both worlds. Popular in apartment complexes and restaurants, these features often attract groups of friends or families.

In many instances, a deck or balcony is raised or higher than a ground-level floor. Therefore, this design of the structure must meet any required building and maintenance standards. Unfortunately, shoddy workmanship or poor upkeep can result in an outdoor oasis becoming potentially dangerous.

When a deck or balcony collapses, injuries and fatalities can occur. This is especially true when the structure is located at a higher position in a property. Establishing who is responsible for the accident may then become both a criminal and civil law matter.

Serious Balcony Collapse Injuries

Injuries suffered in a balcony collapse may have life-changing implications. If you have incurred medical costs or lost wages, Race Law Firm can offer representation in Georgia. In addition, a property or business owner may be liable for the construction and maintenance of structures that failed in your accident. However, you should not have to foot the bill for those failures.

Poor maintenance is often the result of cutting corners or ignoring warning signs. If a property or business owner fails in their duty of care, injured parties may seek compensation. Our legal team can look at your case and fight to identify at-fault parties.

Wrongful Death Balcony Accident, Atlanta

Sadly, fatalities can result when a balcony or deck suffers a catastrophic structural failure. An individual or entity is responsible for the safety of these structures, so families can seek a remedy through a civil lawsuit in the event of a loved one dying.

Balconies and decks should be designed so that maximum load-bearing is considered. A collapse may occur when too many people or heavy objects stress supporting structures. The result is an avoidable accident that could cause injuries and deaths.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a deck or balcony accident, contact Race Law Firm in Atlanta for a consultation today.

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