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Driving Distractions are not a new threat on Georgia Roads Atlanta, GA
Texting While Driving

In the past decade, more focus has been placed on distracted driving and the threat it poses for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. However, this particular set of issues is nothing new and is not likely to disappear any time soon.

Before motor vehicles were invented, horse riders had to deal with distractions. Animals, pedestrians, gunfire and more were the potential hazards of the day. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the inherent risk to life and limb.

Modern Age Road Distractions

It could be argued that those who relied on earlier modes of transport had a greater appreciation for the risks involved. When you are reliant on a horse to get from A to B, there are no seatbelts, enclose, or all the other safety devices we have come to take for granted.

New technologies and other additions in vehicles can cause distractions. A novel device may cause you to spend time playing with features of interest, or trying to figure out how to switch the thing on. In either case, taking your eyes off the road could result in getting involved in an accident.

Sound & Vision on the Road

There is much debate over how sound and vision should be integrated in the driving experience. Both are major types of stimuli that can cause significant distraction. Listening to loud music can take up much of a driver’s concentration. However, watching visual displays poses a greater danger to travelers on our roads.

It is important that manufacturers do a full safety evaluation when creating onboard audio and visual devices. GPS is one example of technology that is designed to help drivers but could contribute to accidents. Manufacturers have decreased this risk by designing and testing equipment, visuals and sounds to make the technology safer over time.

Distracted Driving Accident, GA

If you have been in an accident and suspect the other driver was distracted, Race Law Firm can provide representation in GA. Call our offices today to book your initial consultation and find out how to proceed with your distracted driving case.

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