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Four Common Causes of Distracted Driving Atlanta, GA
Accident Attorney Atlanta, GA

As the number one cause of motor vehicle accidents, distracted driving comes in many forms. Technology plays a large role in drivers not paying attention to the road. However, there are several other causes that cannot be blamed on external influences.

These four common causes of distracted driving are avoidable. It is the responsibility of every driver to pay due care and attention when behind the wheel. The alternative is risking getting into an accident that could cause serious injuries or fatalities.

Cell Phones

Drivers can easily become distracted due to using a cell phone, even if the device is on hands-free. The use of an electronic device can cause a distraction, but the act of texting or speaking on a phone top the list for causing accidents.

Loud Music

When a driver is listening to loud music, it can cause a distraction. The ability to hear potential hazards is compromised, and it is generally harder to concentrate when music is played at full volume. Drivers may also pay more attention to the music than the road ahead.


A distracting conversation may result in a driver missing danger signs on the road. It only takes a second for a collision to occur. If a driver is constantly turning around to speak to a passenger, the chances of getting into an accident are greatly increased.

Watching Other Drivers

It is important that all drivers pay attention to their surroundings. However, even with the best of intentions, paying attention to how someone else is driving for too long is not a good idea. In many cases, otherwise careful drivers end up causing an accident while trying to anticipate a hazard in this way.

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