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How to Legally Deal with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Atlanta, GA
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Men and women can encounter inappropriate behavior on the job with unwelcome sexual advances and jokes. Intimidation and hostile work environments can lead to an employee being denied a raise or promotion. Employees can risk retaliation from employers that can affect every aspect of life. Whether you have been accused or are the recipient of harassment, there are legal actions you can take to protect yourself. Here are three legal steps to take when dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace.

Check Your Workplace Sexual Harassment Procedure

Your employer has a policy on how sexual harassment accusations are addressed in the workplace. The procedure process may include limits on when you can make claims. Report the behavior to your supervisor and follow the chain of command upward if actions are not taken. Make sure to keep good records of all incidents of harassment and complaints to your workplace management. These records should include dates, times, involved individuals and everything that was said during the incidents.

File a Federal Administrative Claim

After following your workplace sexual harassment procedure without success, you may want to file a federal administrative claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Administrative claims can also be filed with your state’s civil rights enforcement agency. If the agency determines your claim is valid, you may be awarded a right to sue letter to seek legal restitution for damages.

Seek Litigation

Once every effort has been exhausted, you may want to seek the legal advice of an experienced attorney. You may be eligible to have your job reinstated if you were accused falsely or receive back pay on lost wages and compensation for emotional distress. The court may also order payment for court costs and attorney fees.

Expert Legal Assistance for Sexual Harassment in Atlanta

Sexual harassment can be challenging to deal with in the workplace. Employers are required to address these claims but may not handle the situation in the right way. Knowing the legal steps to take can help you navigate the situation appropriately and effectively. The experienced legal team at Race Law Firm can help you protect your rights and get the justice you deserve. Call to discuss available legal options for your situation today.

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