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Medical Innovations are Not Invulnerable to Misuse Atlanta, GA
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Medical innovations can change the world and give hope to people suffering from serious health conditions. Treatment options are increased and, for some, the prospect of making a full recovery becomes a reality for the first time.

However, there is no guarantee that a new medical technique, treatment or innovation is 100% safe. One example of a game changer that can result in patients pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit is the Da Vinci Robot, which uses imaging and precision tools to complete minimally invasive procedures.

While, overall, the Da Vinci Robot has a great track record and provides surgeons with advanced tools, mistakes can happen due to inexperience or human error. Patients are then left in pain, discomfort or dealing with permanent disabilities that could have been avoided.

Da Vinci Robot Surgical Errors

There are several types of harm that can result from the use of the Da Vinci Robot. Accidental incisions may occur if the surgeon does not know how to use this precision tool. This can lead to internal bleeding with life-threatening consequences.

Patients may suffer from burns to internal organs. Mechanical burns can result from components overheating or equipment defects. When you trust a surgeon with your life, organ damage or death are issues that could constitute an avoidable complication.

Loose parts of a Da Vinci Robot may detach and end up left behind at the surgical site. Patients can suffer further injuries and complications resulting from this type of defect. If you are experiencing chronic pain after a surgery that used robotic assistance, seek medical advice to rule out such complications from a previous surgery.

Avoidable Infections

Infections can happen when an incision site is not kept clean. However, an internal infection that affects tissues or the blood could result from unsanitary medical equipment or practices. Dizziness, confusion, disorientation, diarrhea, nausea, muscle pain and breathing problems are some of the common signs of sepsis. This infection is life-threatening, so seek medical treatment if you experience these symptoms after a surgery.

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