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Mistakes That Could Cost You Compensation After a Car Accident in Atlanta Atlanta, GA
Car Accident

The last thing anybody expects is to get into a car accident. It is not something that you can adequately prepare for, even when you follow all the rules of the road. If the worst does happen, there are some general rules you should follow to help secure any potential compensation.

Stay at the Scene & Call 911

Never leave the scene of an accident unless there is imminent risk to your life. In either case, call 911 when it is safe enough to do so and report the accident. This will allow you to relay the events that lead to the collision as close to real-time as possible.

Avoid Admitting Fault or Oversharing

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, human decency may compel you to apologize or take some responsibility for the accident. Leave the matter of determining fault to relevant professionals such as emergency services, or the courts in the event of a legal case. Only share insurance details with other parties involved, avoiding conversations which could imply you are somehow at-fault. Never speak to the insurance company representing other parties, as anything you say could jeopardize your case for compensation.

Record Evidence

Photos and videos at the scene can provide evidence of what happened. To preserve such evidence, record everything that you can. The position of vehicles and any damage involved, skid marks on the road and any hazards may support your case for compensation. It is also useful to clearly record logos and permits displayed on commercial vehicles.

Medical Treatment

If you are injured, avoid attempting to move around unless there is a safety concern. Let emergency services know that you are injured and request medical attention. You should also keep accurate and up-to-date records of any treatment and therapies that you receive, including prescribed and over-the-counter medications. Some or all of these costs are covered under a successful compensation claim.

For more guidance on what to do after a crash, reach out to Race Law Firm for an initial consultation. We are passionate about helping the people of Atlanta win the compensation they deserve.

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