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Oklahoma Beats Big Pharma in Landmark Ruling Against Johnson & Johnson Atlanta, GA
Prescription Drugs Atlanta GA

On August 26, 2019, an Oklahoma judge ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million for their role in perpetuating the opioid crisis in the state.

This ruling marks the first time that a major pharmaceutical manufacturer was held responsible for the opioid epidemic that has ravaged the nation over the past two decades.

The Painful Truth About Opioid Painkillers

By the late 1990s, opioid manufacturers began pushing their drugs on doctors to help their patients manage severe or chronic pain.

Marketing techniques involved downplaying the negative effects of opioids, including their potential for addiction. Companies also overemphasized the benefits of using painkillers and created a larger need for the medications than actually existed.

As a result, opioid prescriptions increased. Patients became dependent on their painkillers to function and addictions developed with devastating emotional, financial, and medical consequences.

Thousands of people in Atlanta and many other locations are fighting back against the dishonest marketing practices that capitalized on the trusting relationship between doctors and their patients by suing companies like Johnson & Johnson.

What This Means for You

Although Johnson & Johnson plan to appeal, the ruling could be important to the outcome of thousands of other similar cases that are currently pending.

This ruling sets a precedent that might make it easier for victims of opioid addiction to win damages for the suffering caused by negligent pharmaceutical companies.

If you have experienced the devastating effects of opioid addiction in Atlanta,  or if you’ve lost a family member to opioid use, then you may be able to claim damages from an irresponsible pharmaceutical manufacture.

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