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Potential Problems with Surgical Mesh After a Surgery in Atlanta Atlanta, GA
Medical Malpractice Atlanta GA

Issues with surgical mesh have come to the fore as more victims of injury come forward in the media or through the courts. These injuries may not be isolated to a small number of patients, as many more could be suffering in silence.

Many surgical mesh manufacturers have put their product through rigorous testing and sought FDA approval by following the rules. However, other manufacturers have been accused of rushing the production process, resulting in injuries to patients.

Surgical Mesh Infections

Surgical mesh infections can lead to the need for further hernia repair surgeries and other complications. Although infections can occur for reasons beyond the control of surgical or medical mesh manufacturers, there are some incidents where production quality may have caused infections.

When you elect to have a hernia repair using medical mesh, there is an expectation that the procedure and materials used meet satisfactory safety requirements. If the medical mesh used in your surgery is in any way defective and causes an infection, you may be eligible for compensation.

Perforated Organs

Another complication that has been linked to medical mesh is perforated organs. The bowel can suffer perforation or erosion caused by medical mesh. This injury may require further surgeries that will lead to increased medical bills.

Maquet, C.R. Bard, Davol and Ethicon (a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary) are just some of the companies accused of producing defective medical mesh. You have the right to investigate the possibility of medical negligence if your medical mesh surgery leads to further health complications.

Other Medical Mesh Issues

Some of the other medical mesh complications include internal blockages, chronic pain, abscesses and adhesions, foreign body reactions and rejections and revision surgeries. If you are suffering symptoms that indicate medical mesh is causing problems, consult with your physician right away.

To discuss seeking compensation due to a surgical mesh or medical mesh injury, call the Race Law Firm today about a legal consultation.

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