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The Avalanche of Issues After a Car Accident Atlanta, GA
Car Accident

When you get into a car accident, the aftermath can become a nightmare of issues that need addressed. First and foremost, attend to your injuries. Whether that means seeking medical treatment or addressing emotional trauma, seek support from experienced medical professionals.

Vehicle repairs are inevitable after most car accidents. This will make getting to work or bringing the kids to school a challenge. If you are largely incapacitated, not having a vehicle will also make attending doctor and hospital appointments difficult.

If you can’t work, you can’t earn a wage. This will make covering home and medical costs challenging, which is not an ideal scenario when you are recovering from injuries. It is also worth noting that you cannot rely on insurance companies covering any of these expenses.

Personal Relationships

Personal relationships can suffer in several ways after an accident. You may experience sexual dysfunction issues. These issues can occur as a result of an injury or emotional trauma. Certain injuries, such as a TBI, can also make the sufferer aggressive or disinterested in sex. If emotional or mental health problems are affecting your relationship, seeking professional help is recommended.

Career Advancement

Injuries from an accident can bring your career progression grinding to a halt. Physical and mental impairments may disqualify you from certain roles. For many individuals, these barriers to success are life shattering. When your career options are significantly reduced, the emotional trauma can lead to issues such as anxiety and depression.

Financial Hardship

While most medical treatments and procedures are covered by insurance, some alternative therapies are not. Accident victims may find that they are obligated to pay for treatment, rehabilitation and medications that should be covered by insurance. This, combined with reduced capacity to earn, can lead to significant financial hardship.

Accident Attorney, Atlanta

Many of the issues you are facing can be addressed by pursuing compensation in Atlanta, Georgia. While there is no guarantee that you will receive financial compensation, it can help cover many of your costs when available.

Consult with Race Law Firm today to get a better understanding of what is involved in seeking compensation after an accident in GA.

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