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What Constitutes as Workplace Sexual Harassment? Atlanta, GA
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Workplace sexual harassment in Atlanta, Georgia occurs when an employee is subjected to unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature which can be physical, verbal, or even in written form like through texts or emails.

Obvious Sexual Harassment
Harassment can be very straightforward like when an employee is promised a promotion if they sleep with the boss, a co-worker touching your private areas, or your boss sending you nude pictures. The actions of the offender can become so severe that it creates a hostile work environment that interferes with your ability to do your job.

Subtle Forms of Harassment
However, harassment also has its more subtle form. For example, inviting you to a business meeting that turns out to be a date, or the harasser constantly complimenting you. In fact, subtle forms of harassment are becoming more common than straightforward ones.

Customer Sexual Harassment
In the event that an employee is being harassed by a customer, it’s the duty of the employer to keep their employees safe and stop the action from taking place.

Sexual Harassment Knows No Gender
When people think of sexual harassment the first thing that comes to mind is a man being offensive to a woman. While this is the most common form, workplace sexual harassment can extend to incidents of females harassing males or same-sex harassment.

Contact a Sexual Harassment Attorney

If you believe that you’re being sexually harassed at work, then you may not be able to trust your boss to have your back. Our Atlanta, Georgia workplace sexual harassment attorney Kevin P. Race of Race Law Firm can ensure your protection. If you feel unsafe at work, then contact us today.

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