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Wrong Site Surgery is Completely Preventable Atlanta, GA
Medical Malpractice Atlanta GA

To help prevent wrong site surgery, a universal protocol for prevention has been in place over a decade. Unfortunately, these surgical errors still happen and can have devastating consequences for patients. Each year, over 2,500 cases of wrong site surgery are reported. This number does not include instances where an error was averted before incision.

Classified as a “never event,” wrong site surgeries should not occur under any circumstances. The universal prevention protocol is in place to help surgeons and their teams avoid making these serious errors.

Consistent Surgical Practices

Consistency in surgical practices is one of the main ways that surgical teams can prevent mistakes. This requires that all members of the team actively engage with protocols. When all individuals are on the same page, the risk of operating on the wrong site or patient is greatly reduced.

There are a series of checks that surgeons and their teams can make to ensure that a surgical area is correct. Involving the patient by confirming the site as it is marked ensures accuracy. It is also important to review all relevant documentation prior to surgery. As it is possible to operate on the wrong patient, confirming all personal details is essential.

Wrong side surgeries are the most common type of error that is made during surgery. Avoiding this issue is possible when surgical teams work together to confirm that procedure at each stage. Each individual has a role to play and should recognize the seriousness of making errors in such an important medical procedure.

Wrong Site Surgery Injuries

A wrong site surgery may not result in injuries or could lead to a fatality. Regardless of the outcome, wrong site surgery is medical malpractice and should never happen. A competent surgical team will respect and observe the safeguards of the universal prevention protocols. When all the rules are followed, these errors are 100% avoidable.

If you have experienced a wrong site surgery in Atlanta, you may be able to seek compensation. Race Law Firm can provide advice and representation in your case. Call today for a free initial consultation.

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