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Your Child’s Health Is On The Line Atlanta, GA
Medical Malpractice Attorney Atlanta GA

Every parent knows the what it’s like for your child to be sick. Viruses — a cold, the flu, or a tummy bug — are all miserable, but in a week or so, it will have passed through your whole family, and you will all be on the mend.

But when your child is sick, really truly sick, it brings another level of stress. That first doctor visit you attend in hopes of getting a simple antibiotic turns into a second and third visit. Maybe they change medicines on you. Eventually, you end up in the Emergency Room because of a high fever, dehydration, or side effects to the medicines prescribed for your child.

Due Diligence?

Perhaps you experienced panic at your baby’s worsening condition. You paid out of pocket for costs not covered by insurance. You had to arrange and pay for care for your other child(ren).

The hospital gives you a bill for the ER, because insurance covered less of that visit than you expected. Eventually, when the ER lab results come back, you learn that if the doctor had waited for the original labs, the whole situation could have been avoided! It’s enough to make you mad!

Malpractice Attorney in Atlanta

If you’re in the situation where your child has received the wrong medical treatment and it worsened his/her health, you may have legal recourse. Kevin P. Race has worked for the insurance companies and doctors; he knows how they will maneuver to avoid culpability and payouts! Bring your case to The Race Law Firm for a consultation. We will help you seek justice!

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